by My Defense

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released September 12, 2008



all rights reserved


My Defense Köln, Germany

Melodic HC/Punk since 2005...
Contact us at: mydefense@gmx.de

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Track Name: Moving in
I won’t give up! It all started a couple weeks ago through a strange coincidence. Was it the right thing to do? Guess that time will tell… But now that’s not my worry. You see I’ve got the worst part before me. I’m about to move in! All my stuff must be brought to the fourth floor and there’s no elevator! Oh shit! I slipped, I felt, my bones they hurt. All of my stuff is broken. Why did they have to clean the stairs on this Monday morning? Getting pissed off from the wet stairs, getting pissed off from all the weight! I’m running out of patience. My filthy sweat runs into my eyes… Running out of patience but I won’t give up. Two more steps to go, one more… I won’t give up!
Track Name: Truth hurts
Whining and whining: “The world is unfair”. Well that’s not true! Running and running you’re trying to escape. How far can you get? The truth hurts! Try to wear a mask so you can cover your face. Pretending everything will be ok. You’re such a coward fool! Face reality! Are you so afraid? Reveal yourself - it’s time for some pain! It’s inevitable… Burn down the bridges, forget what you’ve learned. It’s time for some pain! It’s time to face the truth. There’s no way back. Tear down the walls, it’s time for a new start. It’s gonna be hard.
It’s time to face the truth. No way back! Wondering you’re wondering: “Who’s to blame?” Guess what? That’s you! Admit just say it: “I’m responsible.” Don’t play with my nerves.
Track Name: Act your age
My life is changing, there’s no way back this time. It’s sad but true. All these crossroads… Where will my road lead me? Hope I won’t get fucked up. Cause I don’t wanna grow up; to be the one who knows what’s right or wrong. Don’t wanna hear: “You so mature”. Shut up! No interest in being “someone”. I really hope I’ll never act my age. For you I’m just naive but I don’t give a fuck! I hope I’ll never change! I’ll keep my frustration! I’ll always disagree! This fucked up society is a product of your grown-up-shit! I’ll never change!
Track Name: Not for me
Bet you’re proud of your well organised and ordinary life. “With discipline my boy you can make it real far!” Spare me from your preaching. Your words don’t mean a thing to me. I will live the way I think! Cause I hate all this mediocrity. A boring life, lack of emotions! It doesn’t work out for me. A blind devotion to your duty, you’re made to live but not to think. Thanks but not for me! Wake up! Go to work and be polite to people that you hate. That’s okay I’m sure you’re used of it. You feel no joy, no sadness. In my eyes you’re just a machine. Your mind got fucked up from the routine! Spare me from your preaching - I don’t give a shit! Spare me from your preaching - Keep your routine! Your words aren’t worth a thing to me. Not for me!
Track Name: F.V.D.
Fuck violent dancing! Get out of my sight! The same old shit ruining another hardcore show… You don’t have to show me how strong your muscles are cause I don’t fucking care. Keep your elbows away from me. Go back to the gym! You use the wrong way to free your frustration, back off I’m losing my patience. Do you need your stupid kicks to show how cool you are? This all seems so ridiculous. Fuck off! Don’t care for your tattoos. For me you’re just a stupid kid. That’s not hardcore, no way, that’s just bullshit. Your moves precisely studied. Here comes karate kid. And now I’ve got to hear from you what hardcore is all about… Oh my God what have I done wrong? I can’t stand this crap. I may not be as cool as you but one thing’s for sure: That’s bullshit! Take a look at the “scene” is this the way it’s supposed to be?
Track Name: I'mbreakable
I act like everything’s alright. But deep down I know this ain’t true. Guess I’m just afraid to show a weakness, though I know I’m not the only one who’s got some… Caution I’m fragile and pressure can make me break. Wow! What a surprise! Things didn’t go the way I was hoping. Don’t be fooled by my smile. It could be fake. I’ve tried so hard to keep it in and let time heal my wounds. This hasn’t really helped until now… I’m not into depressive songs but I really feel like shit right now. No more lies I’m breakable. No more pretending now. I feel it’s time to let it off my chest: “I’m feeling down”. Always try to be cool. “I’m in a hardcore band”. Always try to be strong. Now look at this whole mess. It’s my fault. This should have been done a long, long time ago. It’s my fault, it’s just my fault. Look at me I’m rotten inside. Should I laugh or should I cry when I look at this whole mess?
What the fuck… I’ll just shout: “I’m breakable!”