Make a choice

by My Defense

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released September 11, 2009



all rights reserved


My Defense Köln, Germany

Melodic HC/Punk since 2005...
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Track Name: Fight fight
You think it’s just another wasted day. The clouds will soon bring the rain… You’re sitting at your desk and you keep waiting. Hoping your problems will fade away. Unfortunately things aren’t so simple. You’ll have to fight to fulfil your dreams. Live your heart! It’s your life! Every little thing is pissing you up. The pressure on you seems too much. Don’t get depressive please don’t get so retired. It’s not your world but it’s your life. The world can’t bring us down my friend. The struggle isn’t useless; you have to fight for your rights. Life is a gift you have to earn. No more excuses, no more fucking lies. Be honest to yourself don’t hide behind the destructive wall of hate around you! It isn’t tough it’s a fucking shame...
Track Name: Wake up call
Hey man! What’s wrong with you? Do you suffer from amnesia? Where is your identity? Brain dead! There’s no response. What the hell? What the fuck is wrong? You thought you were special. But “the system” has done its work. Conform, without an opinion. One day you’re gonna to wake up and find out: Your life’s been wasted away. Now it’s too late! Regrets… But it’s too late! How the hell did you end up like this? You wonder when you lost your direction. Everyday the same old shit! You’ve fucked up. Your life’s been wasted away. Now it’s too late! You’ve fought for recognition, fought for being “someone”. Now you’ve ended up a shadow of your own self. All these regrets… But it’s too late. Their game, their rules, individuality is worth nothing. You’ve made your choices. Now it’s too late.
Track Name: Lazy bones
I’m just a lazy fuckup! Well nobody is perfect… I’m just a lazy fuckup! And I am proud of it! Time is precious, time is money. I wonder why I’m always broke…Time is precious. But I will use it by just hanging around. Today is just another fucking day with a full list of to do’s. Job, papers that must be translated. My girlfriend has birthday soon. I think I’m going berserk! So back off! Shit! So many things that should be scheduled. But I’m too lazy to even try. Don’t wanna move today. I’ll shut my brain off and be lazy. I’ll just lie in my bed and ignore - my bad coincidence - can wait another day. I’m sure tomorrow is also fine. I’ll hang around and just do nothing. And I’ll enjoy it while I can! Don’t care if life’s too short and much too precious. I’ll hang around and just do nothing. So please leave me alone. Don’t wanna move today. I’ll shut my brain off and be lazy. I’ll just lie in my bed and ignore the voice inside my head that tells me to stand up!
Track Name: Dead & gone
The passion, the feelings the moments we shared… It all seems so far away. It’s dead and gone! The questions, the answers, the promises we made… Nothing more than words, blurred memories condemned to faint! All dead and gone! I’ve got no illusions. Everything is condemned to expire. Cause time destroys everything. No exceptions. I’ve got no hope. Everything is condemned to expire. I used to believe in you and me. These moments seem so far away… It’s all dead! It’s all gone! So live for the moment.
Track Name: Yoga shit
I’ll just try to sing to free my frustration. I’ll give it a try in my way. I’m gonna scream! I’ve got motivation! It’s my therapy! So if you want come on and join me. Move up your ass on stage. Let’s try to scream! We’ve got motivation! It’s our therapy, our own yoga shit! This feels so good though my voice really sucks. The food was great but the beer not enough. Gimme more. I need more. Forget the times when you were unstable! Gone are the days when you were problematic! It’s my therapy, my own yoga shit. I’ve got the cure guess this make me a guru. Give it a try. And shout loud in my face: “This is our way”. It’s our therapy, our own yoga shit. My rage drives me insane. Got to let it all out! Come on! And join me! We’ve got to let it all out! Let’s have a party tonight! Let’s sing along… Don’t be so shy! Let’s puke our lungs out until our rage is gone once and for all!
Track Name: Make a choice
Make a choice! No remorse! You should trust your feelings this time. There’s no point in thinking. Let your mind be free! It sounds so simple though it’s fucking hard! You can’t make up your mind. This all seems so fucked up! No one can help you cause no one really knows what is right for you! No more postponing, no more ridiculous excuses. Your time is running out. You’ve got to make a final choice - It’s over and out. Let it be… Just make a choice, feel no remorse. Give me an answer! It sounds so simple though it’s fucking hard! Make up your mind! This all seems so fucked up! You are getting on my nerves! I’m sick of your indecision! Sick of your apathy! Let your mind be free!